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Published: 06th August 2010
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India is considered a colourful country and so is the taste of its people. Now that the global car makers are designing cars keeping in mind Indian conditions they are also paying attention to the kind of colours they offer with their cars.Honda city The colour of a vehicle sometimes reflects the kind of person the owner is! The Indian car owners have a few favourite colours and you get to see them in a large number on the roads. So, here is a low-down on five most preferred colours by Indian buyers across different car models and segments.


This universal colour seems to be a favourite among people of all age groups. You can see sedans, hatchbacks and even SUVs of this colour. However, this is also a favourite colour of car thieves as they can quickly repaint the stolen car and hide it easily. The colour white has not lost its sheen for the longest time and is still preferred by many. White is also considered an evergreen colour that can never go out of fashion and it is also available at slightly lesser rates. Wagon R (superior white), Toyota Corolla (pearl white), Toyota Camry (super white) and Honda City (tafeta white) are some of the whites available in the country.


The other definite and obvious choice of many car buyers in the country is the colour Black. The colour radiates a strong sense of power and is universally loved by car enthusiasts of all age. Also, The colour black gives almost every car a classy-look. Even though Indian mindsets have a certain reservation regarding the colour black, but that is soon disappearing as the young generation is fast getting behind the wheels. Black is also one of the most preferred colours for the very luxurious brands like Mercedes, BMW, Rolls Royce etc.

The colour is carving its own niche and is going higher in the most loved rankings very fast. Maruti Alto and Wagon R (midnight black), Swift (metallic midnight black), Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Honda City, (Night hawk and Honda CR-V (Night hawk black pearl) are some of the blacks available in the country.


The colour silver's popularity has been going through the roof and buyers are choosing this glossy and glittery colour over several others. The colour silver is a bestseller of sorts across a number of car models. Just like black and white this colour too suits people of all ages and cars across segments. It won't come as a surprise if you see a silver Mercedes and a silver Maruti 800 parked side by side for this is right now the colour that has caught the fancy of many buyers. The colour also reflects a sense of elegance and simplicity. The colour is subtle and blends into the environment never sticking like a sore thumb. Hyundai and Maruti's new warm silver and silver metallic of Honda and Toyota are a few that are available in the market.


Red is currently red hot in the four wheel market and no new car makers can imagine a car model that does not have at least one shade of red to offer. Give me red! seems to be the motto of many buyers who are fast buying red cars. However, red seems to have become more subtle with time and car makers have added a certain depth to this otherwise outrageous colour.

A red car, especially the one with lots of power under the hood, looks like a straight import from one of those car movies of Hollywood. Cars like Hyundai Accents, Maruti Swift, Lancer, Skoda Octavia etc can be seen gracing the roads in bright reds. Other red beauties seen on the roads are Alto and paprika red Ford Fiesta fans. Darker reds like the red mica metallic work for MUV owners. While Honda buyers go for the royal ruby reds.


Subtle to the core is the definition of the colour beige that is being chosen by various people these days. The best part of choosing beige is that just ideal for a sub-tropical country like India. It is a fine earthy shade and is soothing to the eyes. A beige car draws little attention and is synonymous to softness that many Indian buyers prefer. The real earth or grace beige on cars like Santro Xing and Getz from Hyundai, Mahindra and Mahindra's Scorpio (diamond white), Ford Fiesta (platinum), Honda CR-V (opal beige metallic), Toyota Corolla, Camry and Innova (beige mica metallic), Maruti Alto, Zen and Wagon R (pearl silver) are some of the popular beiges in the country.

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